Assessment & Review

Assessment and Review procedures

The Kinesis Consultancy intervention programme takes the form of physical exercises that are carried out at home for 10-15 minutes daily. Assessment procedures are as follows:


The questionnaire provides us with information to advise you if an Initial Assessment is recommended

Initial Consultation

This is a one hour appointment that is used to determine if the interventions available at The Kinesis Consultancy are going to be of benefit. Tests of coordination, balance, primitive reflexes and visual tracking are undertaken to identify if our intervention programmes are appropriate.

Diagnostic Assessment

This usually takes the form of a three hour assessment and provides a detailed analysis of current ability levels and helps to identify the starting point for the intervention (s).
This is a comprehensive three hour assessment of:
• gross and fine muscle coordination and balance
• patterns of motor development
• the presence of aberrant reflexes
• laterality
• oculo-motor functioning
• visual-perceptual ability
• visual-motor integration performance.

Home Programme Set-up

This is a one hour appointment that offers feedback and discussion on the results obtained during the diagnostic assessment and how they are influencing learning, behaviour and development. The first instalment of the intervention(s) is provided at the appointment. A home programme of daily physical exercises is prescribed, based on the assessment findings. These movements and exercises are devised to stimulate maturation within the nervous system.

Review Appointments

The review appointments happen every six weeks and last for one hour. Update assessments are used to help measure progress and to amend and modify the intervention(s).


If you would like to find out if we may be able to help you or someone in your care, please complete our questionnaire; send an email to or call 0114 2451502.