The Kinesis Consultancy provides tailored programmes to help with:

Reading; Handwriting; Spelling; Number skills; Memory and organisation; Auditory processing of speech; Concentration and attention; Self-esteem and self confidence; Communication and body language; Neurological links between movement and cognition; Physical education skills; Elite athletic performance.

INPP Method
INPP_logoThe Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology (INPP) was founded in 1975 by Dr Peter Blythe. The INPP Method is a unique programme of developmental exercises which address the retention of primitive reflexes and absence of postural reflexes, which are indicators of neurological maturity. This particular intervention involves physical exercises that are developmental and progressive and take five to ten minutes to perform daily at home.
Bilateral Integration Method
BILATERAL-INTEGRATION-LOGOThis programme is designed to develop coordination and balance, integrate the sensory systems and to stimulate the neurological links between movement and cognition. It can be used as a progressive intervention with individuals with motor or sensory deficits. It can also be used in settings such as physical education programmes in school to facilitate improvement in movement capabilities to enhance academic learning. A further use is in the fine tuning of athletes in any sport to ensure automised integrative abilities which support performance. 
Johansen Indivisualised Auditory (Johansen IAS)
JIAS_logoThis was developed by Dr Kjeld Johansen, a Danish teacher and psychologist. Johansen IAS is a tailored listening programme that stimulates auditory processing of speech, improves concentration and attention allowing more efficient learning.